Christmas Gifts for Him

It's about that time of year again...

The Christmas tree is up, the frothies are flowin' and the good times are rollin'. Santa's on his way and everyone's on the hunt for the best Christmas presents for friends and family.

Our Melbourne Food Bible is here to help and unlike your traditional menu, we're serving dessert first.

Get ready to dig in!

Whether you've got your gift ideas sorted or you're on the last-minute prowl for some unique gifts you know they'll love, we've got you covered. With all the best Christmas present ideas for men packed into this quick guide, you can stop searching and start smashing out the gift list today.

Here at Catch, we've got your Christmas shopping sorted. We've put together your go-to cheat sheet for buying the perfect christmas presents for Him. Whether he's a Man's Man, a Foodie, a Tech Geek or a Fitness Fanatic, you can rest easy and grab some awesome Christmas presents for him without all the stress.

The Man's Man

If he's a top bloke, a genuine gentleman, loves the footie and takes pride in his rugged persona, there's a whole range of things you can buy him.

For the hard-knocks working man and the outdoorsman alike, a pair of hardy footwear and some durable new wardrobe items are always a winner. Brand spankin' new work boots or some hiking shoes are just the thing to excite a Man's Man.

If he's a footie fanatic, he might like some original merch to rep his favourite team. From wall clocks to bar stools, graphic phone cases and more, footie fans of all ages can show off their team colours with a massive variety of accessories and homewares.

For the King of the barbecue, a shiny new grill is an amazing gift that'll last years and years. If a full-sized setup is a little out of your budget, some quirky BBQ accessories may be just the thing. From ‘Kiss the Cook' aprons to a range of barbecue tools, he'll be stoked to turn up the heat with some great grilling toys.

The Tech Geek

Tech geeks love anything and everything new! Whether it's personal gadgets, professional tools or home entertainment, the newest tech is constantly evolving. This means you've got a huge range of great gift ideas to choose from.

One of the newest, most intriguing products to fly onto the market this year has been the virtual reality headset. These goggles are made by a variety of big brands like Google and Homido. Many are compatible with Android and iOS devices, letting you simply attach your mobile phone to the headset and blast off into virtual reality.

The tech geek of today is bound to love a good drone. These flying helicopter-like gadgets come in all shapes and sizes from ones the size of your palm, to massive pro flyers and everything in between. Many drones on the market today are fit with cameras, so you can get some epic aerial views from high above, all controlled by your smartphone. The future really is here...

The Fitness Fanatic

If the gym is his second home, he'll love some brand new workout wear. Gym junkies love a fresh set of activewear, whether it's a pair of new shorts, some super breathable shirts or a new pair of Nike kicks.

To fuel his workouts, protein powders and workout supplements make a great gift. The gym lifestyle can be expensive in the long run, so he'll surely appreciate you shouting his monthly go-to supplement stack this Christmas.

If he's aching for a lavish home gym or just wants to incorporate some quick workouts at home, he'll go nuts over some quality home gym gear. A brand new set of collapsible home weights, a kettlebell set or a simple pull-up bar are some great additions to any home set up. For a unique workout, a punching bag or lifesize MMA dummy and some gloves are the perfect outlet to let go of stress and get in a serious cardio workout.

The Gamer

Whether he's a hardcore gamer or just likes to challenge his mates to some weekend FIFA, there's a wide range of things that'll make great Christmas presents for him

Consoles are a great investment for anyone who loves gaming. The Sony Playstation 4 is a sure hit, with a massive variety of games from sports to adventure, shooters and so many more. This classic console with awesome new features now also supports a virtual reality setup.

If he grew up anytime after the 80s, he'll love the Atari Flashback Classic gaming console that's built just like the retro original Atari 2600. This blast from the past comes with 101 built-in games that'll take him back to his childhood without a doubt - all the classics like Frogger, Centipede, Space Invaders and more!

If he's more of a PC gamer (meaning he prefers to play on a home computer or laptop) he'll probably love some new gaming accessories. Brands like Razer and Roccat make some incredible gaming mice, built for combat and made with loads of cool features and extra buttons for a more elite gaming experience. If he's already got some great gaming gear, he'll be stoked to upgrade to an expert-level mechanical keyboard to take it to the next level.

The Master Chef

Brand new kitchen tools are the best bet for every home chef. The knowledgeable home cook will likely appreciate some solid cast-iron cookware. Cast-iron is a must-have in the arsenal of any master chef, whether they're a professional or King of the home kitchen. A good, solid cast-iron pan can last a lifetime, making one of these babies the perfect gift that he'll use for years to come.

If he appreciates a good homemade pizza made the right way, he'll love a portable pizza oven that's an ideal accompaniment to those nights out in the yard with friends and family. There's nothing like a proper wood-fired pizza made in a roaring fire. Make pizza nights absolutely magical with his very own gas or wood-fired pizza oven, or a super practical electric one!

Whether he's a seasoned grill master or loves the finer side of dining, he'll love a quirky apron. From camo designs to hilarious text, personalised logos and more, some unique kitchen aprons and novelty kitchen gear may be just the perfect Christmas presents for him.

No matter what he's into, you can grab some awesome Christmas presents for him right here at Catch!

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