Burger Edge: Fast food reinvented

  • Burger Edge: Fast food reinvented

Burger Edge was created to fill a hunger for great burgers, made quick and fresh. Using nothing but real ingredients and made with care, Burger Edge stands out from the rest, separating itself from the low-quality, processed world of typical fast food. Located all over the country in well-furnished food courts, pubs, urban villages and more, your fresh burger is always made to order, never leaving you waiting.

If you’re a bonafide carnivore, the Colossal Beef is your best bet. Packed full of flavour with juicy beef, bacon and all the classic condiments, this simple sandwich is just flawless. The Chicken Parma burger is an homage to the aussie favourite, with crunchy panko-crumbed chicken breast, melted tasty cheese and tangy relish. We bet your taste buds never felt this patriotic...

Veggies - Burger Edge has you more than covered. The Veggie Delight packs a punch with a golden fried potato patty, oozing melted cheese, tantalizing aioli and a hot chili sauce to round off this radical burger. The Vegan Deluxe is made for true herbivores, with a wholesome lentil patty, bold red capsicum and creamy avocado. Burgers never felt so good.

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