St. Helena Island: A taste of history

  • St. Helena Island: A taste of history

Established in 1982, Cat o Nine Tails has provided a range of tours on the historic St. Helena Island featuring experienced actors, singers and minstrels offering a first-person interpretation of the Islands past. Just 30 minutes from Manly, Cat o Nine Tails set sails to St. Helena Island which is jam-packed with performing arts festivals, themed events and much more!

Take a step back in time and immerse yourself in history from the Aboriginal beginnings to the 19th Century Prison Settlement with the Prison Life Experience Day Tour. Guided by one of the performers, you'll relive first-hand the lives of many that resided on St. Helena Island.

Time to meet Casper the Ghost! Well, not really but you've been sentenced to 4 hours at St. Helena Prison accompanied by those who never left the island. Enjoy the spooky, Secrets of St Helena Roving Theatre experience, and embark on a journey through the historic ruins left behind with informative commentary by your tour guide. Bring along a second pair of underwear as you stroll through the island's cemetery and expect the unexpected!

For the ultimate prison life experience, visit the site of Queensland's maximum-security penitentiary with guides as inmates and guards to tell the tales of those who suffered on St Helena.

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