SpeedFit: The future of exercise is here

  • SpeedFit: The future of exercise is here

Are you sick and tired of overcrowded gyms? Are you looking for a way to work out but just don't have the time? SpeedFit is the solution! Demanding only 20-minutes, SpeedFit is the new fitness solution for millions of people around the world! This incredible innovative technology is called an EMS (electronic muscle stimulation) machine which is attached to your body and mimics your natural action of the central nervous system. Electrical pulses are sent to your muscles to contract, mirroring the actions you would make during a typical workout. Sounds awesome, right? Each workout is suited to the individual's needs, and ranges from mild to intense! You'll see a range of benefits such as fat loss, toned muscles and an increase in strength!

SpeedFit studios are clean, private spaces and are unlike any other gym. So, don't worry about overcrowding environments any longer and enjoy spacious comfort when working out! You'll have your very own instructor to tailor the workout to you. SpeedFit is a scientifically proven success, with locations in Western Australia such as Northbridge, Claremont, Currambine, Osborne Park, Cockburn Gateway and Cloisters Arcade! SpeedFit is also coming to Sydney and Melbourne, so find the closest studio to you.

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