Walkers Doughnuts: The real doughnut experience

  • Walkers Doughnuts: The real doughnut experience

Walkers Doughnuts had a dream to bring back the old and be out with the new. So, they did; recreating tastes from the good old days for that traditional doughnut experience, now serving up fresh and tasty doughnuts in two great locations around Melbourne. Drop into either Airport West or Melbourne CBD and see what all the fuss is about!

Mr Walker's secret to these delicious doughnuts is, love! Every doughnut is treated with love and care, giving them time to relax and slowly ferment for that soft but flavoursome bite. Indulge in traditional flavours such as our favourites Glazed, Jam, and Banana Custard... Mm, Doughnuts! Wash it all down with a choice of roasted coffee, a milkshake or old-fashioned soda. And if doughnuts aren't your thing, go American with a Genuine USA Hot Dog.

"Doughnuts. Is there anything they can't do?" - Homer Simpson

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